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Leaf Defender™ created an American Designed and Assembled gutter guard with a raised micro-mesh design to handle high water flow that eliminates debris build-up. While competitor gutter guards only have channels or flat screens that collect and hold debris, the Leaf Defender™ “Diamond” design stays clean and clear year-round.

Leaf Defender™ Gutter Guards are the intelligent choice to deliver the best performance. We are designed and assembled in the USA and stand behind a 45-year warranty.

Going with Leaf Defender™ Gutter Guards means the best performance and none of the hassle.

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Rebecca Neal - Director of Sales & Marketing
Rebecca Neal
Director of Sales & Marketing

Rebecca leads our sales and marketing team with an unmatched ability to generate opportunities by drawing upon her many passions and an unparalleled sense of dedication. With a background in Emergency Veterinary Medicine, she knows a thing or two about science and animals, which no doubt spills into her love for science fiction (namely, Star Wars) and octopi. She’s been repeatedly promoted through the ranks of our organization, eventually becoming the CEO’s “right hand” person. Now, as our Sales and Marketing Manager, Rebecca adds strength to our team by creating a warm company culture and opportunities for both staff and clients to exceed and excel.

If you are looking for an Administrative and Sales Assistant rock star, Carol is one! Highly organized and versatile, Carol is ready to take on whatever comes her way. A mother of 4 with a passion for baking sweet treats, Carol has been a pillar of the Valor family since 2020. She ensures the smooth operation of our office with a warm smile, and sometimes, a warm cookie.

Carol Oliver - Administrative Assistant
Carol Oliver
Administrative Assistant

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